What we're made of.

We source our materials  from small-scale artisanal mines on the continent. We are dedicated to fair wages and labor, and all fine metals are conflict-free; the supply chain is intentional every step of the way.

Gold plated

After significant investment, testing, and training we have upgraded our brand to include a gold-plating lab. 
We are thrilled to take our jewelry to the next level with high-quality, long-lasting gold-plated collections.
Each style matches our signature brass color and tone. Gold-plating jewelry provides a more premium product with reduced tarnish rate and longer wearability without needing to polish. 
Our gold products are 22k gold plated brass.


Brass is a metal alloy comprised of copper and zinc. Known for its malleable durability, brass has been used for centuries — the first example of brass jewelry dates from ancient city of I L E - I F E.

An affordable alternative to gold, brass allows us to produce statement pieces that have a luxurious look and feel at accessible prices.

Our favorite part? Aside from how good it looks, brass is sustainable. Today almost 90% of all brass in the world is recycled. We give materials new life by using materials acquired from local markets and vendors.