Founder & Designer 

An african and yoruba engineer turned into  a designer. 

Born in 1994 and inspired by her grandfather and her mother, Adebissi Adedjouma, launched I L E – I F E in 2021 as a line of contemporary and fashion jewelry to honor the family heritage. At the time, Adebissi is still balancing a full time job as an IT engineer in France and building   I L E – I F E.

Adebissi's mission through I L E – I F E is to create designs that are art, and that will stand out and turn heads.

The brand manifesto is :

  1. To curate a wardrobe full of art and timeless pieces

  2. To create a lifestyle, and unique design for bold women

  3. To create pieces that will make you look twice

  4. To design for the eye, because everything is art